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Who we are


Stress Rx Massage was founded in 2010 by Nele Meuleman after 9 years of practicing in various clinical settings. 

Nele  Meuleman graduated from Centennial College in May 2001 and received her  massage therapist designation from the CMTO.  Nele began her massage  career in Whitby until she moved to Bradford in late 2009.  She has  worked in a spa setting, a massage focused clinic and 2 chiropractic  clinics, as well as having her own home based business.

In  2005 Nele graduated with honours from the Durham College primary care  paramedic program.  She received her A-EMCA designation from the  Ministry of Health at the same time.  Nele currently is employed full  time with York Region Paramedic Services.

In July 2013 Nele  started her journey to become a certified Doula.  She is now certified  as a birth doula through DONA International.  After having her first  child she realized the need for women in labor support roles. Due to all  of her commitments with family and work, Nele takes minimal births each  year.  If you are looking for birth doula services you please contact her for availability or a referral to another amazing doula.

Stress Rx Massage is based on the belief that all patients' needs are of the utmost importance.  We are committed to meeting those needs. 

*** we are a home based facility.  We have hypoallergenic pets and are not wheelchair friendly